Sunday, 23 March 2014

Latest Rstaurant Review: Baltzersens, Harrogate

Photo ©  Yorkshire Post Newspapers

 This week's restaurant review in the Yorkshire Post...

Much as I love Sunday brunch, rarely do I venture out for one. Unless it comes highly recommended of course. I made an exception for Baltzersens in Harrogate. Not because of any endorsement; I was simply intrigued by their claim of Nordic connections.

Thanks to restaurants like Noma, Frantzen, Maaemo, the love affair of all-things-food from Scandinavia continues. These world-acclaimed restaurants may be revolutionary and utterly breathtaking, their chefs unparalleled, but this is only one aspect of their food.

The husmanskost (home cooking) of Northern Europe is, unsurprisingly, not unlike our own here in Yorkshire. The roots of both are born of the landscape, agriculture and fishing. The rigours and demands of the climate bring  ... Read more